iTeach Tech Conference

“Marcus and Chris were our keynote speakers on day two of the 2018 iTeachTech Conference.  They were energetic, engaging, and certainly held the attendees’ attention.  Chris and Marcus’s rapid fire delivery entertained and their technology knowledge captivated our audience.”

Keith Madson

Director of Technology for East Allen County Schools

Indiana Google Summit (2019)


Marcus Painter - Spotlight Shout Out!.png

Connecting The Four C’s E-Learning Conference (2018)

“Marcus Painter and Chris Young provide an innovative approach to student engagement by introducing teachers to the power of using technology to promote collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking! When you are ready to boost future ready skills in teachers and students, call this dynamic duo!”

Pamela O’Riskey

eLearning Coach

MSD of Mt. Vernon

Logansport Reboot Conference (June 2019)

“When Chris and Marcus stepped in to help us with the Reboot Conference in Logansport, we had absolutely no idea what we were in for. We knew we wanted them to do the keynote presentation, as well as present sessions, but we had no idea that they would help us out with so much more! They were there to answer questions about anything we could come up with, but even more than that, they would randomly do things that we were not expecting!

The Reboot Conference turned out to be a huge success and it would not have been possible without Chris and Marcus. We are already working with them for next year's Reboot Conference and we know they have great things up their sleeves! If you want your event to be hugely successful and a ton of fun, you'll want to hook up with these two!”

Brandi Rozzi

Technology Curriculum Integration Coordinator
Corporation Test Coordinator

Logansport Community School Corporation


eVillage Conference (June 2019)

Regarding our keynote:

- Love these speakers! So entertaining!!

- Love Chris and Marcus. I look forward to hearing from them every year.

- Marcus and Chris' presentation gave me a lot to think about re: how well I know my students. Pretty well, I think, but these guys challenged me to go deeper.

- I really enjoyed their presentation. Gave me a lot to think about.

- Marcus and Chris were Marcus and Chris. They delivered as usual.

- Excellent energy and ideas

- Inspiring and entertaining

- Marcus and Chris work very well together! I found them very entertaining.

- Awesome information!! Incredible speakers!!