The Beauty of Empowered Learning


Teach Like A Student

Our flagship session focused on student engagement through the strategic used of technology in ways that truly speak to today’s learners. #teachlikeastudent


Chris Young’s Sessions

I Didn't Know You Could Do That:

This fun session is filled with A-ha moments. Learn how to make the most out of your device with tips and tricks to be make you more organized, efficient, and engaging. 

Worst To First: Student Presentations:

Have you ever been disappointed in your students' presentations? If you answered yes, then this session is for you. At this interactive session you will learn a creative twist on student presentations that will be an INSTANT LESSON PLAN for you, and students will LOVE doing it. Come check out this hands-on session and improve student presentations forever! 

My Elementary Students Can Do What?: Design Thinking in an Elementary Classroom:

We will focus on the tenants of Design Thinking, a hot topic made popular by the Stanford design School. We will take part in a quick hands-on Design Thinking activity. After that, we will apply that experience the steps of the Design Thinking Process. We will then explore and create concrete examples of successful Design Thinking lessons in a variety of primary grade levels! 


Learn today, apply tomorrow. In this session, attendees will learn classroom lesson ideas that are engaging for students and simple for teachers.

The Oregon (Teacher's) Trail:

This interactive session will combine Choose Your Own Adventure Books and Professional Learning. Attendees will vote to determine the path of learning, as they are guided along the Teacher's Trail! Attendees can expect engagement, unpredictability, real applications to the classroom, and maybe even the inevitable death from dysentery.


Marcus Painter’s Sessions

T.N.T.: Teachers Need Time:

This session is all about leveraging technology to make educators’ personal and professional lives easier to manage. Retake control with tech!

Surprisingly Simple Secrets In Slides:

What can Google Slides do BEYOND the presentation? This session focuses on innovative applications of Google Slides and provide guidance and resources on how to improve teacher and student presentations, overall.

Is It Cheating If…How to Maintain Academic Integrity In The Digitally Diverse Classroom:

This session’s focus is on how we can reverse engineer our lesson plan and task design and use the SAMR model, not as a ladder, but as a lens to view how we use technology with students.

Anchorman: The School News Jumpstart

In this session we focus on how to start utilizing audio/video production and Google Tools to reimagine how we communicate school/classroom news. We also discuss how we can leverage media to improve our outreach to community members.